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Fluttering Bloom Designs is a floral design studio in Jonesboro, IL, specializing in wood flower arrangements for weddings. This team is dedicated to giving couples a long-lasting alternative to fresh blooms. From your altar to your reception tables, they are happy to design custom decor for you to keep for years to come.


Owner Shelly Pender discovered her creative passion during her oldest daughter's wedding. Shelly helped her create the wood flowers she wanted for her big day and was inspired to help other couples enjoy the same effect. She knows that each client is different and customizes each design to suit their unique vision and style.


Fluttering Bloom Designs will customize your arrangements to match your wedding colors and theme. Some of their arrangements include boutonnieres, flower crowns, and cascade bouquets. On your wedding day, they can provide delivery and set up to make sure each bloom and leaf looks its best.

Amanda Myers-Neilson


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